Stage. Show. Sell.

The essence of Home Staging is to transform a home into a marketable product. This requires an assessment of strengths, addressing challenges, and the guiding eye of a professional.




Consultation for DIY:

SS&S offers consulting service for your entire property - inside and out. Our "walk-n-talk" consultation provides you with suggestions on how to appeal to today's buyers and maximize your home's selling potential. A written report can be provided by request. 


Home Staging:

Hands on Home Staging done the SS&S way: We work with the Home Owners every step of the way to prepare a home for market. We can work with existing furniture and offer supplements as needed. Every home presents a unique opportunity to apply our expertise and insight into today's real-estate market trends. 


Vacant Home Staging:

It has been proven that vacant, empty homes do not sell as well as furnished homes. We can provide home staging services and rental accessories/furnishings to stage a wide variety of homes. We use different sources for rental furniture. When selecting the most suitable furniture and decor for your property, we also make sure that the chosen inventory meets the expectations of the potential buyer and is competitive against other properties on the market in your specific neighborhood. 


Interior Design & Decor:

Your home is an extension of your lifestyle. At SS&S our mission is to create an environment that reflects your style and considers your family needs. Our service includes: space planning, furniture arrangement, color and finish consultation, custom lighting selection, artwork & accessory selection, and suggesting builder specifications.