How The Home Staging Process Works

Every Home is unique but our home Staging Process is simple and consistent

Our Essential Steps to Prepare a Home for Maximum Return:

1. Assessment and Consultation

2. De-Clutter & Eliminate Non-Essential Items

3. Organize Existing Pieces 

4. Repair, Replace, Paint, Refinish and Clean

5. Stage and Decorate

6. Clean Again

7. Hand Off to Broker for Market Entry

Occupied homes must undergo consultation prior to staging. For the average home up to 2000 sq. ft., a detailed assessment takes about 2 hours.

Once a home is ready for staging we revisit the property, and with your permission, take pictures for use in our review process. Once the assessment is complete, we discuss with you our suggestions for furniture and accessories supplements. SS&S draws on many reliable resources to rent furniture as needed.

Next, we prepare a detailed proposal for your review. The staging process begins upon receipt of a signed contract.

Remember... The way your home looked as a living space and the way after we prepare it for market may be very different.